Thursday, December 4, 2014


Google Maps are another form of time travel.  The first search image for 651 Fifth comes up with an October '13 date, showing Sekt, the newly arrived Eastern European restaurant that lasted for a year or so. But start street exploring and you're back nine months to a closed El Rincon.  Recently, I caught a brief time spot on Fifth that plunged you all the way back to 2009, but try as I might, circling the avenue from different angles, I could never find it again.  Absurdly, Wordsworth sprang to mind:

The days gone by
          Return upon me almost from the dawn
          Of life: the hiding-places of man's power
          Open; I would approach them, but they close.

Mexican, German/East European, Caribbean.  The new business at 651 has just appeared.

The slogan on the side of the awning: Food Tastes Better When You Share.  More Caribbean food is always a good thing, & ditto with tapas.  Let's hope they're a winning combo.

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