Friday, December 19, 2014

Looking Back

Let's revisit a little old house on 11th Street.  I pass by this one most days.  Back in June, I saw that 147, tucked between Second & Third, was on the market (RE/MAX brokers) at a mind-boggling $1,899,000.  A development-site pitch here, given the property's much-coveted twenty-five foot width. What I hadn't realized was that a month earlier Fillmore had listed the 147 for an even wilder $2,250,000.  As summer turned to fall, the price shifted down, to $1,299,000 (July) to the current $899,000 (September).
There's been a stop-work full-vacate order in place since May (before it was listed by Fillmore at over two million), apparently related to fire damage.

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