Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Queens Diner

A stone's throw from Silvercup Studios, at the corner of 43rd Ave & 21st Street, the Five Star is a strange combination of Indian Diner/Catering Hall these days, but the old letters on 21st attest to an earlier history.

Two  Percy Loomis (Loomis again!) photos from 1940  show 43rd Avenue looking west from 21st.  If you click to enlarge the page and focus on the top picture, you can see another Diner sign, set a little further down the street from this one.  In 1940, the corner of the block was occupied by a gas station, and today there's an auto-part store & lot there.  I guess Five Star and its old diner sign are descendants of the business Loomis photographed seventy plus years ago.


Update: A couple of days after driving by here, an office email informed me that Five Star is the venue for our annual work knees-up!  This is far too freaky a coincidence for comfort.


Anonymous said...

I had to google what a "knees-up" is. Funny!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

I tthought about using "bun fight" too. They both sound a bit dodgy over here though!

Lisa Jones said...

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