Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's Dance

Walking up 24th Street to Fifth, I looked through the chain link fence of Batrouni's Auto Service.  There - the familiar beauty of McGovern Weir, but what else did I see?  Could it be some kind of merrymaking fast food, there in the distance.  Yes!  A Dancing Hotdogs Truck!

Truth be told, I'd seen the truck earlier in the week, while riding the 63 back from Sunset Park. I'd had a nice clear view of it then, but rain threatened, and I didn't feel like getting off the bus to take a picture. Too bad, because next time I went by it was jammed in by other vehicles and I couldn't get much of a shot.  From the sign on the back, it looks like you can rent the truck out for Dancing Hotdogs parties.  Now there's an idea for next summer!

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