Sunday, May 28, 2017

Old Cars in Brooklyn

An exhibition at the OS Cafe, on Sixth Avenue and 14th Street, closes at the end of the month. The title of Christian Linsey's show is self-explanatory, but the series of photographs explores something more intangible - those hazy spots of time where past and present intersect. The small size and the faded gaudy colors of the pictures gives them a snapshot feel that fits the vintage of the cars themselves. Though the settings are contemporary, some of them show buildings that must have looked much the same when the cars were brand new.  Others show building sites and scaffolding more obviously modern.  Many of the pictures are taken locally - a special pleasure.  I'm hopelessly drawn to muscle cars and Cadillacs myself, and can hardly ever pass one without taking out my camera, so I found these little images compulsive.  This is a modest and affordable collection; you can easily afford to buy one of these pictures and carry it home in a pocket.  Find a simple spot for it - a shelf above your desk, a blank space in a hallway - and watch how often it'll catch your eye.  You'll be surprised.

The show closes on May 31st.

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