Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The Batrouni Auto Center, at 740 Fifth (24th St.) was listed for sale last fall at $4.25M.  The sale is now being handled by Cushman & Wakefield, and the asking price is $3.75M. As one expects these days, I.C. is at hand as a promotional bauble.

740 5th Avenue is located on the southwest corner of 5th Avenue and 24th Street in the Greenwood Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. The subject property measures 100.17’ x 100’ SF or 10,017 SF. There is an improved 2,244 SF structure on the corner lot that is currently owner occupied. Situated within an M1-1D zone, the property has a commercial FAR of 1.00 or a residential FAR of 1.65 with a waiver. The property will be delivered vacant upon sale. 

The corner lot is located directly across the from the Greenwood Cemetery (a National Historic Landmark) and on the same block as the 25th Street subway station (R) and the B63 bus line. This property is ideally situated in between two of Brooklyn’s major creative hubs, Gowanus and Industry City in Sunset Park. 

I've always had a soft spot for Batrouni's.  Honest and friendly guys, and always an interesting vintage car or two lurking in the lot.  If a waiver's approved, I guess those cemetery views will mean residential housing, but how about a City project here, sans developers?  Low income or sheltered housing would be just the thing.  I'm ever a dreamer.

The site was once occupied by the Pitbladdo Monument Works, one of the many stonemason and florist businesses that flourished near Green-Wood in the nineteenth and early twentieth-century.

Corner Activity
In the Lot at Batrouni's
Seasonal Style

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