Tuesday, May 9, 2017


If it's deserted, which it usually is, the dog gets to hop on a bench here and eat a biscuit.  Sometimes a couple of kids are playing ball, or a couple of people are sitting around eating lunch.  There's an occasional small child.  The playground's getting a $2.5 M renovation soon.  This seems like an awful lot of money, but I have no idea how much playgrounds cost.  I'd resurface the courts, put in a sprinkler and some climbing equipment, & let the kids go at it.

I like it here. The next-door sanitation garage is something of a draw, along with all the businesses nearby - the tile and marble cutters, the ironworks, the pen factory, the auto shops, that bedding warehouse that's a hit with African shoppers, where groups of elegant women pore over sheet sets and sometimes you'll find a group of men at prayer on the sidewalk.  I like the ladies of a certain age hanging out at Nelson's Hawg House - tough but friendly cookies all made up in black.  I like the parking lots at Lowe's and Pathmark (RIP), where the canal's all your own.  I like Big J  Liquors, where the price is nice. Viaduct and expressway views, a couple of tucked away houses that I covet out of all proportion.  It's all a nice quick hop down from home.  With a good old low level landscape (remember when it used to be that way farther east?), the skies are top notch, especially early in the morning or at day's end.

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