Friday, January 20, 2017

Neighbors (The El Chapo Mystery)

I've been down on Third quite a bit recently and passing the Metropolitan Detention Center on Wednesday, I did have a fleeting thought of El Chapo, as I'd heard he was likely to be tried in Brooklyn if extradited. And lo, it is so.  Looks like he could be the next high profile inmate on the avenue.

Update; 8:55 pm.  Rumors about where El Chapo is being detained have been circulating all day. Though it's clear that he spent last night at Manhattan's Metropolitan Correctional Center, many of today's news reports have focused on the likelihood of him ending up at the Sunset Park MDC. I was so taken in by all this that I assumed he'd at least be heading for Third Avenue shortly, but apparently this is not a done deal. By late this afternoon, there was word of officials describing El Chapo as being held at an "unknown location," while other news sources stated that he had been returned to the MCC after arraignment today in Brooklyn's Federal District Court.  An evening story in the NY Times confirms that El Chapo is back at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, but who really knows?  We're in such troubling times that it's hard to be sure about anything.

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