Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Owl Service

I've always been fascinated by this apartment building, which runs from 23rd to 24th Street, on Fourth Avenue.  I like to look through the arched doorways into the courtyard.  The yard is a little on the grim side, with vegetation chain-linked off from trespassing feet, but it remains enticing.
I've seen several rental listings for the place online, and while they're not at the giddy heights of South Slope/Greenwood prices these days, they're not cheap.  I couldn't afford a one bedroom on my salary. There are plenty of longstanding tenants here, who hopefully pay lower, stabilized rents, but I've also seen  more recent, twenty-something kids heading in & out.  I hope the store owners & apartment dwellers have some good leases here, because Fourth these days is a river of sharks.

I often imagine living here. You'd be close to the train, in a pre-war apartment, and the building's commercial spaces include a laundromat, cafe, Dominican restaurant (El Gran Castillo de Jagua 3), deli, and pizzeria. Exactly the basics you want to have just downstairs. As a mystery bonus, the "herbal treatment" store, Nice & Necessary, is here too, but sadly it's no longer painted a violent shade of green.

If you go by, look at the details on the doorway.  Under the many layers of chipped & peeling brown paint, the owls are on patrol.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine the facade in its heyday. The crumbling bits have a beauty of their own but it's a shame the owls and surrounds have fallen into such disrepair.