Monday, February 3, 2014

Real Estate Monday

Keeping it brief, with the NY Times:

A Brooklyn Artery in Transition (New York Times)
How about the Times interviewing some of the small businesses owners or lower-income families affected by redevelopment?

An Advanced Degree in Quiet (New York Times)
Even with parents footing the bill, an NYU junior's search for an apartment is an arduous one:

"On East 25th Street, near Second Avenue, a studio in the back of a small 1920 walk-up building with a sleeping loft was available for $1,950 a month. Ms. Csordas-Jenkins, an aspiring actress who is studying theater and dramatic literature, liked it but thought it was too far from campus.
She knew she would fret about rising early enough for class.
“It seemed like the potential for a really stressful situation for me if I woke up late and had to wait for the train,” she said."

Launch media vieweShe knew she would fret about rising early enough for class

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Anonymous said...

Oh brother. Ms. Jenkins' travails and quote make me reach for a hanky.... not!!