Monday, February 17, 2014

Real Estate Monday

Last month I admired the Safety King mannequins, those ingenues smiling bravely in their overalls & goggles.  Their passion for protective clothing is a clear rebuke to the ladies down the block. Unless the harnesses & fluorescent vests are signs, instead, of something less wholesome. I hope not. Anyway, their warehouse home is up for sale (what isn't these days?), along with a smaller parcel right next door:

767 & 771 3rd Avenue - For Sale
Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Industrial/ Retail/ Residential Conversion

The broker is CPEX & the price is eight million.

Here's the corner in 1960:

John D. Morrell 

Here it is now:

At 511 Fifth Avenue (13th), the building's popping up, and the sneaker store is on its way out.  New rent: $9,700 a month. From the listing at Ideal Properties:

Perfect Space For A New Eatery! ... 2,000 SF of very well kept commercial storefront on Park Slope`s busy 5th Avenue. A pair of national tenants on the same block exemplifies the caliber of foot traffic here.

I guess the national tenants on the block are Edible Arrangements & the Capital One Bank, and Mandees.  I'm a pedestrian of distinctly lower tastes, I fear.  Let's hear it for the laundromat, Franchezka beauty salon (Human Hair), & Frank's Unisex Hair Cutting.  A better trio by far.

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