Friday, February 7, 2014

Along Third

One of a pair of small, well-kept looking apartment buildings right by Third Avenue at 31st Street.  I would have walked right by, but the name above the door caught my eye.  The entrance is a proud one.  Silvio Rosanelli appears to have been active as a builder and restaurant owner in the early 1900s. At one point there was a Silvio Rosanelli Cafe & Restaurant right around the corner at 861 Third, at the rear of 122 31st.  Here's the business at that site today:

You can see what I take to be part of the cafe building behind the Sudden Impact sign.   A couple of online sites mention cafe trinkets: a brass token (Good for 5c Drink) & a  jug, both bearing the business name.  In 1919 Rosanelli  had plans drawn up for a garage, still standing, higher up 31st.

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