Thursday, December 22, 2016


Found in a pot on the mantlepiece while cleaning up for Christmas: a gold paper star, a box of German matches, my lucky hare, a broken watch, a Rosca de Reyes Jesus, a pair of dice, an anniversary pin for St Vartan, a 2008 Obama pin, several Russian medals, a silver box and a grey plastic hatchet.

Mapping Affordable Housing Supported by the 421-a Tax Exemption Program (NYU Furman Center)

Of the residential properties in New York City that currently benefit from a 421-a tax exemption, we find that 14.8% have at least some on-site affordable units and another 4.4% supported off-site affordable housing. These properties house 50.9% of units currently in the 421-a program. Buildings receiving a 421-a exemption but not subject to an affordable housing requirement comprise 78.5% of 421a buildings but account for only 46.8% total units in the program.

Here's a look at a portion of the map:

'Tis the Season for Resistance (UPROSE) Read, and donate ...

It is the holiday season -- but a season like we have not seen in recent memory. We were hoping to provide you a year in review to highlight the milestones, celebrations, memories, and achievements that 2016 has brought. But we find ourselves in a troubling political climate, not just nationally, but locally as well. In the midst of all our work to address climate change and advance a Just Transition, we are again forced to focus on local proposals that threaten to undermine our community's stability and well-being.

Tenants Need Protection from Landlords in Gowanus Rezoning, Advocates Say (DNAinfo)

The Costs Of Rezoning—A Cautionary Tale: Gowanus: As the city considers new rules for development, neighbors worry about what happened on Fourth Avenue (The Brooklyn Ink)

Daylighting the Saw Mill River: Efforts to bring back a natural Yonkers waterway are changing the city (Nathan Kensinger - Curbed)

Before the Tents Folded - The Last Days of the Big Apple Circus (NY Times)

The Hug at the White House - Transit Museum program honored (Manhattan News)

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