Thursday, December 8, 2016


Listen to Billy Echeverria, Nicholas Rowe, Kurtis Jones and Charles Stewart talk about kite flying on Coney Island beach (Coney Island History Project)

New Amsterdam Stories: A digital dig to link 17th century records between Amsterdam and New York City (The John Adams Institute)

A Young Black Girl's View of Harlem at the Height of the Great Migration (New Yorker)

70 Artists Losing Gowanus Studio Space as Arts Group Moves to Sunset Park (DNAinfo)
Artists on the move - displaced from one gentrified neighborhood to perpetuate another cycle of change farther south?  

Hundreds March to Create 'Hate-Free Zones' in Queens Neighborhoods (DNAinfo)

On Staten Island, a centuries-old waterway helps shape new wetlands
New Creek will be a highly engineered waterway, but one that's closer to the creek that existed centuries ago  (Curbed)

New York State of Mind: Megan Bradbury's literary portrait of a city through its art (BBC)
Megan Bradbury’s debut novel Everyone is Watching is a portrait of modern New York from the perspective of the artists who have made it their muse. Zooming in on the lives of four creative figures - Walt Whitman, Robert Moses, Robert Mapplethorpe and Edmund White - it describes the way art influences a city and vice versa, from Walt Whitman’s visionary urbanism at the end of the 19th century, through to Edmund White’s nostalgia for a city that has all but disappeared by the start of the 21st.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry to ring in new era as owner sells site
The UK’s oldest manufacturing business – which cast Big Ben and the Liberty Bell – is on the move for the first time since 1739  (Guardian)

Campaigners try to save Sheffield library from becoming five-star hotel (Guardian)

On Optimism and Despair - Zadie Smith's talk given in Berlin on November 10 on receiving the 2016 Welt Literature Prize (New York Review of Books)

And celebrating a birthday this week:

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