Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Redevelopment for Sunset Park Library? (DNAinfo)
Sounds like a different kind of BPL plan (more library space, & all affordable housing - great) but the Johnson-run Library is hardly transparent.  Is this too good to be true? Let's see more details, & figure out how this fits into the BPLgrand scheme of things.

Testing Liberal Values in the new Gowanus?
Gowanus Community Group Files Suit over Planned Parole Building (Brownstoner)

Remembering Golden City (Brooklynology)

"When New Yorkers dream of summer fun at an amusement park by the sea, most turn their thoughts to Coney Island. However, 100 years ago they might have been dreaming about Canarsie’s Golden City Park. The popular yet often forgotten amusement park opened in the summer of 1907 to a crowd of 25,000. Built on Jamaica Bay by Warner’s Canarsie Amusement Company, the park relied on the recently extended railroad system to deliver daytrippers from all over the city."

Clover Barber turns to dust.

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