Monday, April 21, 2014

Real Estate Monday: All Work Guaranteed

 146 Fifth Avenue is currently on the market for $4,700,000.  As usual around here, proximity to Barclay Center is a selling point.

Corner Property. Walking Distance To Barclay Center And Atlantic Center Mall. Store On Street Level And Three 3Br Apartments Above. No Tenant Has Lease, Rents Are Projected.

Even though the signs say Luis TV Repairs, the business operating here today is Danny's Electronics & Computer Service.  I'd keep that old hand-paintage signage too, with its fine colors and print styles, the "At Home Service" feature and the reference to that entertainment dinosaur T-VCR.  And I really love the gentleman (Luis himself?) who, besuited, behatted and bowtied, is dashing into action, bag in hand.   At the front of the store the bag is marked TV Sales,

& around the side on Douglass it's TV Repair.

You won't get new signs to beat the style of these.
Danny's would like to stay on here, but the future is uncertain.  The sales listing gives a projected rent of $11,000 per month in an expenses rundown, but there's no telling what the actual rent will become.  I hope they get the chance to stick around.

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