Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heading South

Work took me to Avenue M.  It was a fine day to stroll between Ocean & McDonald, and enjoy the abundance of barbers & candy shops, kosher pizzerias & lingerie stores.  A pharmacy on every block, or so it seemed, & look, there was a Rossman Farms, sibling to the store on Third & 26th.

And the sheer pleasure of the names: Rita's Clothing, Ed's Shoe Repair, Meyer's Liquors, Jimmy Candy, Sam's Laundry, Benny's pizza, & of course, the incomparable Bunny Martel.  (Bunny Martel!  I've been whispering that name ever since I set eyes on the place.)

As I passed another parlor, Forever Young, a car drove by, windows down for warm weather, & this was the song that played on the radio.  It seemed perfect..


Be the BQE said...

How could you not love a trip that starts with Bunny and ends with Benny's. And Cher!

Ellen said...

Was Caraville restaurant still there? I sure hope so!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Unfortunately, I think it closed several years ago, though I'll have to check some more. Any other recommendations around there?