Sunday, August 25, 2013

On (& Just Off) the Avenue

The Fusion City sign is still up at 310 9th, though the restaurant's three month run ended in June. It didn't seem to draw many customers, but the mostly Indian food was good & plentiful. A shame they didn't get a chance to make a go of things a bit longer. The replacement is coming soon though. A note in the window for Jola Mex, and a couple of ads for staff.  Maybe this one will hang in there a bit longer.  Camelia, up and running farther south, has the liquor-license draw of the happy (seven) hour - 12 to 7 - to help with those rent bills. Raw bar Mezini (is it still open?) seems to have ditched much of its seafood menu and gone instead for more standard Italian/American fare.

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