Monday, August 19, 2013


I was looking through the Brooklyn Visual Heritage collection, and by chance came across fifty year old pictures of the Narrows Coffee Shop (Fourth & 100th), one of the best extant diners in the city.  If I lived nearby this one would be a regular stop-off, combining everything you look for in a local coffee shop: friendliness and neighborhood atmosphere, great service, affordability and good food, an unchanged-through-the-years sense of place.  Just how unchanged - in looks at least - can be seen by comparing the then and now of '62/'63 and early 2013.


 John D. Morrell

John D. Morrell

A different sign, a slightly altered fa├žade, some distinctly less stylish cars, and a Verrazano long complete, but the building itself, standing alone, looking hardly touched at all by half a century.

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