Friday, June 21, 2013

Walking Along Hillside

Walking east along Hillside Avenue from 148th, there are plenty of auto dealerships, a handful of West Indian & soul food joints, and a seemingly endless number of beauty salons. Not so much in the way of bars. Is Lovell's Guiding Light Cocktail Lounge still in business? Certainly I've never seen it keeping daytime hours. I liked Queen of the Wink salon, and J's "Jesus is Lord" beauty shop, and Sybil's Guyanese restaurant looked like a classic, with a full menu of dinners, rotis, breads and sides, along with a bunch of juices:


At 168th, right by the subway entrance, the Hillside Inn. There used to be an "Irish" atop the sign, but that's gone now, though the older guys outside the bar seemed to suggest that it's still hanging on to its roots.

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