Monday, June 10, 2013

Advanced Style

Walking around this part of Kew Gardens/Forest Hills made me feel positively juvenile, but the aging populace seemed braver than I was as they made their way -slowly but surely - across the Boulevard of Death.  I bolted over it in terror.  There were some splendid hats and boldly applied cosmetics to be seen about the boulevard, and a general careful attention to style. The retail strip between 78th and 77th Avenues is a fine demonstration of demographic needs, and exhibits its own older New York charms.  Pharmacy & surgical supplies, Hot Bialys/Bagels/Appetizing, Ginza wigs, Boulevard Hearing Aids, and my favorite: H.Goodman Furs, in business since 1908.  A charming lady from the store came outside when she saw me taking pictures, and told me that Goodman's, family owned for three generations, relocated from the Bronx in '68.  She said that business was still good.  I admired the store sign, and she said that the FURS part still lit up at night.  That would be a treat to see.

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

I like the font on that sign and would love to see a photo of it at night.