Monday, June 3, 2013

And More Retail ...

Quite a flurry of retail activity on one block of Fifth.  Pearl Gate, the frozen yogurt shop that opened last year, finally got a subtle sign up a week or two back, and today, on my way to work, I noticed the Windsor's World of Shoes sign above the soon-to-be-opened store next door.  These stores were previously a 99c emporium. The shoe store sign isn't bad at all, I think (I like the earth in the "0"). It'd be nice if this was a spin-off of the Windsor Terrace shoe-store.

Here's a shoe store on the same block (11th/12th) in the mid 80s.

Municipal Archives

Update: 6/9 :  Yes the new store is run by the Windsor Terrace people, which is good news.  They should do well here.

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