Friday, June 28, 2013

The J & M (Why I Walk)

It seems like this is turning into one more folded laundromat, but what the hell. It was a mad idea to take the train to Ditmas in the middle of a 90 degree day, but I was interested in some stores on 18th Ave, and I'd decided to get off one stop early and walk around a bit. You'll always find something out of the ordinary around McDonald. Last time we drove along here, heading north, I saw a laundromat that looked kind of nice - a little run down, with oldish signage - but I'd forgotten all about it. Today, there it was again - a complete surprise - and heading south this time, I saw the side wall on Ditmas. Look at these:


Those clothes, floating up, up to the clouds, the stylish turn of the ladies' heels, those washers & dryers painted so attentively, & of course, that Dynamic News. It's a laundromat vision, and I'm thinking tonight I'll dream spin cycles.

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Laura Goggin Photography said...

One More Folded Laundromat - lol! I love those laundry murals.