Sunday, March 17, 2013

Along Third

I ended up walking this way home from Flatbush, as fat wet snowflakes drifted down. Just by the old school building at State & Third (Brooklyn Boys Boarding School (1840), & a Civil War infirmary), a bunch of black balloons shot into the air.

At Pacific, The Brooklyn New York Times Printing Plant (1929): testament to an age when print mattered.  A place where passers by could look right in & see a newspaper take shape.

St. Marks Place. By now the snow just a whisper of flakes. The Yeya grocery's fading red/blue/yellows a part of the city's history as much as any grand structure.  On the window: Newports, Crazy Stallion Malt Liquor, Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus (what??) lemonade, Joltin' Joe (DiMaggio), morose emblem of Arizona Espresso.  I Heart Big Cans.. Meat Market up top. 

More newspaper relics at Third & Douglass. The former Daily News Brooklyn Garage (1919), with its New York's Picture Newspaper camera right in the center of things.

Up Douglass: Marble Tile, Terazzo & Granite Corps, with columns bearing the owner's initials:  C. A. - Carlo Amato.

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