Friday, March 8, 2013

Fins on Fourth (& Candy)

Taking another of those surreal walks along Fourth Avenue,  I spied something appealing.  Fins!

A 1962 Cadillac Sedan Deville. Let's give it a little color.

In the second picture, you can see a store sign over to the right.  Sam's Candy Land.   Late last month there were reports of an "artisanal candy shop" coming to 315 Fourth (3rd and 2nd), but this (non artisanal) one has been quietly open for a couple of months at the corner of 7th.  Candy Land carries a broad selection of old favorites (sours, gumballs, jelly fish, loose candies in jars, brittle, classic bars, novelties, etc.) & an assortment of more upscale chocolate.  For kids whose parents don't restrict them to vegan bon-bons, this could be heaven.



Cadillacs are the best looking cars! Unfortunately i can't find them here in Europe.

Jeff said...

My father owned a deep blue '62 Coupe DeVille. Easily fit 8 people in the car in massive bench seats front and rear. We didn't have air conditioning in our apartment and during hot summer nights, we would all pile in, including my sister and family, and take a drive down the Belt Parkway.

In the middle of the top of the dashboard was this rocket shaped device that sensed oncoming cars. This little gun shape would dim the brights automatically when it picked up the oncoming headlights. I used to sit in the middle of the bench seat and imagine it was a a laser gun and vaporize cars that got in front of us.

It was all paint and chrome and massive bulk. Nothing on the road today comes close to it - or close the experience of sitting it and driving along the road...

- J.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Dan, yes, a great car! Where are you in Europe?
J., thanks! What a great experience that must have been! I grew up with an older brother who was a auto repair whiz & rebuilt all kinds of British cars - an old Armstrong Siddeley (with running board & amazing wood & leather interior), a cool metallic blue Lotus Elan, etc. etc. The best fun to ride around in.

Jeff said...

The 60's were a great time for British sports cars - Austin Healeys, MGBs, Sunbeams, Lotus, Triumphs. And, of course, Jaguars. That was what motoring was...and the days when you could actually get under the hood, see the moving parts, and do your own repairs.

I had an older brother like that too...someone magical to look up to... :)