Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking A Bit Shaky, But Kringlers Holding Promise

Some newer businesses on Fifth below 9th are looking a little uneasy. Walking home from work today I found that

the new pizza place (next to horrid Dunkin' & the S & P made-over glass box) is to be Tommy's Famous Cheesesteaks & Pizza!

Too many offers here to inspire retail confidence, I fear. I admit that I commented on La Dolce's unattractive store sign when it first open (& I still think it's ugly) but I've probably bought more rum babas (on request) here any of its other customers, & have to say the people that work here are lovely.  Classic old-school style bakeries do not fare well in this neck of the woods (see below).

A forlorn looking fro-yo store still lacking a sign.

Well this one isn't exactly recent ... but it hasn't even opened yet. Mezini Restaurant Corporation leased this retail space (11th/12th) in January 2010, and is still teasing us with the promise of its "fine dining & elegant lounge."   Tantalizing, indeed. How much longer must we wait?

On the subject of Italian bakeries, the Sweet Treasures bakery at Fifth & Prospect, which opened last April ( and made a mean lard bread), closed earlier in the month, and will become a second Leske's bakery (Brooklyn Paper). Sweet Treasures was a venture of the Guzzo family, who had formerly operated Princess Bake Shop in Sunset Park. Leske's, a Scandinavian bakery on Fifth & 76th in Bay Ridge, suffered its own business woes in 2011, but re-opened last year, and is set to expand its empire.  Before Sweet Treasures, the space housed another bakery, which had been in business around a hundred years.  Old or even newer style bakeries don't have it so easy in the city any more, but I hope Leske's marzipan cakes & kringler do the trick.   Good luck!


Unknown said...

Have no fear you will still be able to get that mean lard bread at Leske's!!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

I will be going to Leske's this week - am looking forward to it!