Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fifth & 23rd

I like this 1917 photograph of Fifth & 23rd Street.  At the corner, the Jas. J. Kennedy Cafe (India Wharf High Grade Lager & Beer), and farther up 23rd, in the same building, the 9th District Magistrates Court.  This is right across from Guerrero's Food Center & diagonally across from the old White Eagle Tavern.

You can just make out a man in a hat and topcoat loafing under the Beer part of the sign. The Jas. J. Kennnedy premises are much more imposing than the two storey Magistrates Court, with its modest little hanging sign and white walls.  What looks like a carved wooden entrance has almost a cottagey feel.

Photographs from the Brooklyn Visual Heritage site

Here's the corner today.

Kennedy's is now Express Coffee Shop. Lighter colored brick shows where the corner entrance and a side doorway have been modified. There's a faint line along the brickwork about the same height as the bar sign. There are a couple of new windows punched out (bathrooms?) & a couple of others have changed their size, but the building looks much the same.

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Marty Wombacher said...

Loved this post and it's nice to see some things haven't changed much through the years!