Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cleaners (Service & Standard)

Of course I came back to Fourth to check out the Narrows Coffee Shop, which was closed on my last visit. I was not disappointed! This is the best kind of local cafe. A standard breakfast with homefries et al, & coffee, for under five dollars, & nothing else on the menu much more expensive - about half the price of many run-of-the-mill city diners. A real weekend scene of regulars, with plenty of joking around & gossip, but still a friendly place for the casual visitor. Nothing especially beautiful about the interior, but a nice all-purpose unfussiness, with the feel of a place that hasn't changed much over the years. It felt like the staff had been together a long time: a cook at the grill & a couple of waiters, and an elderly waitress sitting at the counter, who got up slowly to clear an occasional table, or meet and greet a regular, but seemed mostly there as a symbol of long standing service, & to spread about her a kindly spirit of place. A sweetheart in woollens & slacks.  This is the best.

Narrows Coffee Shop
10001 Fourth Avenue

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