Friday, January 11, 2013


Local business owner robbed and killed on 18th Street (Concerned Citizens Of Greenwood Heights)

A profile of the Polish Meat Market Jubilat, on Fifth Avenue (NY Times), with a tragically ironic opening paragraph:
Jubilat Provisions is just a few blocks south of Park Slope, in an area that is gentrifying rapidly, but the Polish market’s low-slung stretch of Fifth Avenue cornered by expressways still feels like the Brooklyn noir of Pete Hamill and Tim McLoughlin, a place where, not too long ago, one could stumble upon a body.

Both the addresses given in the stories above are in that nebulous area now called Greenwood Heights, (between the expressway & 36th) though many older residents living as far south as the cemetery, say, would count still themselves Park Slopers, and the area south of that would have been Sunset Park. 

Hinsch's, on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge since 1949, closed, re-opened, and to close again in March (Brownstoner)

Old-school Bay Ridge luncheonette and ice cream parlor Hinsch’s will close in March, according to Brooklyn Daily. It already closed once in 2011, but then was bought by new owners and reopened. Co-owner Roger Desmond, who grew up in the area, said high costs of doing business and changing tastes doomed the diner. “The area no longer supports this kind of establishment,” said Desmond. “Bay Ridge is more of a fast food kind of place now. Hinsch’s is passé, I guess.”

And just closed, the New St Clair Coffee Shop, established 1920, at the corner of Smith & Atlantic (Brownstoner). 
I was there just before Christmas, and the place was packed with weekend diners, but the building had been for sale for some time.

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Unknown said...

Hello I am the granddaughter of Fred. Holster. I see pictures of Hinche’s icecream (grandpas competition )
But I never saw ANything about the two ice cream parlors named holstens both on 5th ave