Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Again, Libraries

From the BPLwebsite:

It is the mission of Brooklyn Public Library to ensure the preservation and transmission of society's knowledge, history and culture, and to provide the people of Brooklyn with free and open access to information for education, recreation and reference.

and on the Pacific Branch webpage:

"For almost 100 years the Pacific Branch has served a changing community. The branch, which boasts an active Friend's group, looks forward to serving the people of this busy crossroads neighborhood for generations to come ..."

Well this would be nice, but if it is lost it will share the fate of the subway station name outside its doors.  Pacific traded in for Barclays: an ocean poured away in the name of commerce.  The City Fathers care little for tradition or culture.  How about spending more money on the libraries than in subsidizing basketball arenas?

While I'm still in a library frame of mind, let's reprise this great little 1969 film on the BPL Bookmobile service.  I love it!  But maybe it looks to the future.  Maybe we'll end up with the libraries sold, free e-readers dispensed to the people & a few forlorn vans in circulation, touting dog-eared remaindered books around the borough's streets.  The horror.

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Marty Wombacher said...

Loved that film! I'm getting a library card here in Peoria next week!