Friday, October 19, 2012

Midtown Thursday

The opening of Diana Horowitz's new exhibition, From 7 World Trade, at Hirschl & Adler

"When 7 World Trade Center was erected in 2006, developer Larry Silverstein invited Horowitz to use its 48th floor as a unique studio space. However, it was not the first time Horowitz had painted from the World Trade Center. She first began painting from the 107th Floor of Tower 2 in the mid-1980s and spent nearly fifteen years creating her panoramic city views of lower Manhattan from its soaring heights."

Drinks at the Subway Inn.  Despite some unholy alliance with Atomic Wings (at least their ads aren't plastered all over the front of the building any more)  the old place is looking unspoiled, inside & out.  The last empty booth was secured - green-shaded light, grubby table & all - & with it, for that moment at least, a sense of profound satisfaction.


Ken Mac said...

a classic joint. Long may it reign.

Marty Wombacher said...

Long live the Subway Inn! Love that sign!