Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cafe Closures?

The Kahawa Cafe, at Fifth and 15th, opened in mid-August. It's now shuttered.  Temporary or permanent closure?  I only went there once, during its first week in business.  The counter staff  had already mastered the art of sullen indifference.
A far more serious situation down at Fifth and 53rd.  When I passed by on the bus, I noticed that Munchy Coffee Shop had the brown-paper treatment.  From a fleeting glance, it looked like a gut job inside.  This is a shame.  A decent, no-fuss, affordable diner, run by Miguel Hernandez since 1982.  A good people-watching spot, and a fine place to sit & brood over life's mysteries. I'd like to believe Munchy's is just undergoing renovation, but if this place is really gone it's very sad indeed.

Munchy Coffee Shop in 2011

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