Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walking along Sixth yesterday, I thought I saw signs of life at Giuseppina's, the long awaited sister to Mark Iacono's Lucali, on Henry Street.  Well, according to Park Slope Patch, the place had a soft opening on Wednesday, and the pizza is excellent.  I wonder what happened with the Black Dom Dionisio story circulating a year or so back?  Dionisio, a member of the Columbo crime family, was spending a good amount of time at Lucali's while awaiting trial on an assortment of charges, though his actual work duties seemed sketchy at best.  His defense lawyer claimed that he had performed "so well" that he'd been offered a managerial position at "a new location" .  Will he be sitting in at Giuseppina's too? (NY Post)  (NY News)