Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In 2009, some time after the death of its elderly owner, 372 11th was bought for $500,000, by a developer who owns other properties nearby.    Records indicate a planned conversion to a two family, with expansion at the back of the building, and a few feet added to the height.  It sits next to a new neighbor, whose owners/tenants started moving in over the last couple of months.

Work at the site has proceeded at an off & on, desultory pace, and in the meantime, the house is exposed to the elements, with gaping windows and crumbling exterior.  This is a pitched roof frame house, probably built around 1870 or so, and even though it would have needed a ton of work, I bet you could have fixed it up pretty nicely in its original form if it had been kept sealed from the elements. Would it have been halfway decent enough for more up-scale residents?  Perhaps not.

Here are a couple more shots of little frame houses next to bigger guys.

This scene above is on the same block, showing one of the first new apartment buildings around here, from a decade or so back.

This is on Eighth Street between Fourth and Fifth.