Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm awaiting updates from the ICTT judging panel, so while I'm twiddling my thumbs I'll let you know how my own entries are faring.  As I mentioned earlier, I was pretty excited by the discovery of a new (old) tree on Sunday, and I duly passed on the news to EV Grieve.  I had high hopes that this particular tree would hang in there for a while, but by the next day it was GONE.  Damn those condo dwelling trees.  By now I had almost given up, and I was exhausted by my obsessive scanning of sidewalks.  It was all becoming too stressful.
Well, yesterday morning, on my way to work, what did I see at the (former) OTB corner (5th and 12th) but another entrant?  Wouldn't you know that that spot, the scene of so many punters' desperate dreams, would provide me with another chance?  It was poetic, really.  This was a very small tree, with lights attached, lying in the gutter. A modest, but perfectly formed number. There was only one slight problem. The tree was - and I write this nervously - artificial.  I'm betting that those snooty ICTT judges are going to turn their noses up at this, and cite some blah blah rules about natural foliage, and ecological awareness, but I say, "Let the artificial tree compete!"  Just look at those headlines on the newspapers that accompany the tree.  Isn't there a message there for even the hardest of hearts?

March 8 - The Girl Who Would Be Queen

March 9 - I'm Back!

Is there no hope?


Marty Wombacher said...

I just came from EV Grieve and you're in! Congratulations!

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Thanks, Marty! The appearance of this little tree was clearly a miracle.

freckel said...

this looks almost not real itself