Monday, March 14, 2011

(Brownstoner) reports that Two Toms is closed for health violations. Hopefully they'll be back.  Here's a mixed-worlds-of-Gowanus comment on the post:
We tried to go there Saturday night and found it closed. We ended up eating at the bar at the top of Hotel Le Bleu and it was surprisingly good.

Lawsuit:Pre-School Ruined 4-Year Old's Ivy League Chances  (News via Gothamist) The day is full of entertaining comments.  Here's a quote from the four-year old's parents' attorney:
"Lucia Imprescia, for the record, will get into an Ivy League school, York Avenue Preschool notwithstanding," said Paulose, of Koehler & Isaacs.

More private school nonsense.  At a recent  Berkeley Carroll fundraising auction, the winning bid for a special dinner at Babbo was a paltry $62,500! (Gothamist)

And in a much more appealing vein:

Visiting Bleecker Bob's (Marty After Dark)

Rob Warren Books (Skyline Books as was), in the Flower District (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

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