Sunday, March 6, 2011


If you follow the brilliant blog EV Grieve, you will be aware of the excitement surrounding this year's International Coalition of Tree Tossing in the Spring competition.  You can read about it here and here. I am singlehandedly representing Brooklyn in this competition, and thought I was doing quite well, having spotted these guys, who lasted until February 28

and this more sedate group who made it until March 2nd.

Yesterday though, I seemed to be trumped by an East Village March 5th entry, and I became quite despondent.  I did not, however, concede defeat.  I'm proud to report today that a Brooklyn newcomer, a sleek ex-condo resident from Carroll and Fourth, has been identified. Not my ideal choice of tree, I have to admit, but  certainly one with a competitive yuppie spirit and self-entitlement to spare . This may mean victory! Here she is, posing with the obligatory newspaper for proof of date. She requested the NY Times of course, but was out of luck. El Diario for you, baby. 


If anyone knows of any other potential contenders residing in Brooklyn, please let me know.  This is serious stuff.