Saturday, January 19, 2019

Living with Buildings

"But I had my own defensive magic in place, the routine of walking unresolved problems out into the city, eavesdropping on random incidents, forcing connections, and carrying annotations and photographs back to the house in which I had lived for fifty years.  If we are to sustain a relationship with the buildings that precede us, we must solicit their tolerance of our intrusion.  Structures ripped down leave a cloud of active dust.  New builds are hungry for narrative.  When that equation falters, we sicken, and search for scapegoats among the developers and architects.  But the buildings and their interior spaces, bedrooms, corridors, kitchens, become evolving self-portraits, visions of how we see our better selves.  Working or resting, we shape who we are, and are shaped, in exchange, by the walls that contain us.  Some of the older tribes on this earth, indigenous peoples able to convert time into space, flow with the seasons, with their seminal rivers.  Shelters are made and abandoned.  Ancestors are always in attendance."
           Iain Sinclair - Living with Buildings and Walking with Ghosts: On Health and Architecture

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