Thursday, July 19, 2018

Summer Hours

Midsummer heat ushers in indolence.  Daily schedules falter, sputter out entirely.  We spend less time on computer screens and more in the pages of books.  We head to the river or the shore, or the cool darkness of a movie theater, or lie in backyards drinking gin with plenty of ice and a leaf or two of verbena.  Even the words in our head take shape sluggishly.  We're our own part-time employees.

However hot it gets we'll still enjoy the slight.  My favorite intersection in the city right now is the one where Jamesie's Place is diagonal partner to Aida & Rocio's Place (Beauty Salon).  You can't do better than that.  Aida & Rocio's got blinded out by sunlight, but here's Jamesie's.

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