Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The New Arrival on Fourth

The long vacant store at Fourth & 10th has a new tenant.

While we always like bagels, the Shelsky's prices are considerably higher than, say, local stalwart Bagel Hole, which has always placed among the top city bagel stores.  A lox & cream cheese at the Bagel Hole is $6.95, while a Shelsky's number comes in at a hefty $11.50.  Of course, Shelsky's has a higher-end bagel niche, and a broader range of smoked fish, but there's a lot to be said for a still high-quality, broader appeal product, that includes a compact, highly-rated bagel, and a side-line in bialys. No airs, no toasted bagels at the Hole. More than a schmear of well-earned pride. Shelsy's aims for a gourmet platter, but I'd prefer an Everyman version on Fourth.  I used to have a far-fetched dream of a Bagel Hole outpost occupying one of those subway station stores, but they're still vacant, long after their updated occupancy deadline.  We're not expecting much there soon, with even the station platform renovation stalled.

With Starbucks across the street, we know the way the avenue is trending.

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