Monday, February 20, 2017

The Troopers

Why are State Troopers now patrolling Fifth Avenue?  They were out on Fifth yesterday, much to the concern of passers-by, and I saw them pulling over a black woman driver, for reasons unknown. Prior to this, they'd been double parked a couple of blocks farther north.  When I asked them why they were there, one of the troopers told me that Cuomo was sending state police out to "help the city." I asked her why they needed to be here on Fifth - hardly a hotbed of crime - & she asked me if I'd been paying attention to the news.  Well, there's a surplus of news to pay attention to right now, with most of it far more serious than the endless Cuomo/DeBlasio feuding, and I couldn't say I'd heard anything about a state police initiative in NYC.  I wanted to try and find out more, but our conversation, such as it was, was abruptly halted when the two troopers turned on their lights & sped off to stop the driver I referred to earlier.  She was allowed to drive away after a few minutes.

I can't recall ever having seen state police working round here before.

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IMBY said...

There are three state patrol cars parked at the entrance of the Battery Tunnel. Also have seen them on 5th Avenue and Prospect Expressway