Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Not Easy Being ...

This hellish new administration is really throwing me for a loop.  Add to that various others things I'm busy with right now, & the result is distraction from my usual magpie grasp on life.  I've walked less in familiar places, and live in a state of perpetual anxiety.  Time to get a grip.  Nice & Necessary, the store on Fourth and 24th (herbal supplements?), was a beautiful bright & lurid green a few years back, but turned a tamer spangly blue in 2013.  I noticed today that it's half-way back to green again.  Perhaps it's been that way for a long time.  Years even!  It's not up to its early standard of boldness, but some green is always better than none in my book.  N & N had a twin of sorts, La Aventura salon farther south in Sunset Park (massage and alternative treatments?). I hope it's still shining bright.

Earlier days - green, green, green! (2011?)

Slightly green (2017)

La Aventura - shout it out green, & floral (2014)

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