Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Paint It ...

The trend for renovated houses in the area?  Say it in dark grey (with black accessories).  I've nothing against grey or black, as my wardrobe will easily confirm, but an overabundance of dark houses, mostly frame, but also brick, make them almost as ubiquitous as high-end coffee shops, and about as exciting.  The grey/black house is on almost every block, proclaiming its chic, modern sensibilities with funereal cornice and window framing.  There is a certain element of cool in them, in isolation, but after you've noticed a few they seem awfully conformist.  Upwardly cookie-cutter even. The context can be jarring too; set against more modest period buildings, these gutted, extended lean-looking fashion hounds seems awfully pleased with themselves.  They're creatives, of course.
I hesitate to draw attention to any one in particular - if you live around here you can see them for yourselves.

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