Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stuck at Home

I've been sick for a couple of days.  As a result I've been housebound - sneezing and coughing, and swigging back gallons of PG Tips.  A sorry sort of business.
So here's a stay-at-home photograph courtesy of Brooklyn Visual Heritage showing construction work on the 4th Ave. subway line in Sunset Park.  The picture, taken in 1913, shows one of the neighborhood's grandest architectural intersections, Fourth & 43rd.  You can see St. Michael's church & school in the background, at right, and at left the magnificent Romanesque Revival 68th Police Precinct Station House & Stable, which was last used in 1970 and is in sorry shape today. The neo-classical Sunset Park courthouse was constructed some twenty years after this photograph was taken, and still stands at the north-east corner of the intersection.  Today it is used by Community Board 7 and the NYPD.  What an institutional hub.  This is almost as far as I have walked on my block-by-block loops from 9th Street south.


The police house today

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