Friday, May 9, 2014


El Gran Castillo de Jagua moves into the new home at 355 Flatbush (Here's Park Slope)
VFW Post at Fourth & 10th Closes (New York Observer)

By the VFW in 2012

"NYC Shelves Plan to Gut Central Library" (Scott Sherman - The Nation)
"Credit for the NYPL retreat goes to the following: three vibrant citizen groups, the Committee to Save the NYPL, Citizens Defending Libraries and Library Lovers League ... Micah Kellner ... Ada Louise Huxtable, and New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman ..."
Now it's time to get the books back:
"...The NYPL hastily removed 3 million books from the stacks in 2013, in preparation for demolition; the stacks are now empty. Staff members say that because of the way the shelves were emptied, it will be extraordinarily difficult for the books to go back into the shelves that previously held them. Insiders also say that some books were damaged in the rapid removal process. Marx needs to tell us as soon as possible how many books were damaged. "

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