Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Broker Talk, and a New High in the South Slope?

"Located a few short steps from Prospect Park as well as the best of Brooklyn’s outstanding food scene, this houses proves that nothing goes better with having it all, than also being near it all. 

This 22 foot wide, five-story, historic brownstone ... seamlessly mates mansion-like dimensions, to wonderfully preserved original details, and tastefully integrated, modern amenities. It is no small feat to balance the grand, the subtle, the decorative and the functional, especially in well over 6000 square feet of living space. Here it has been executed with masterful aplomb. 

The abundant features such as original gas fixtures, stained glass, parquet floors, pocket doors, are infinitely more pleasurable to experience while ensconced in the comfort of central air conditioning."

A $6,995,000 Garfield Place listing - NY Times (Betancourt)

Is the $2,899,000 asking price for a condo in the former St. John's parochial school (21st Street ) a new high for the South Slope/Greenwood area?  

Otherworldy times.

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