Monday, December 16, 2013

Real Estate Monday

Back to the old White Eagle Tavern, at Fifth and 23rd, a remnant of the neighborhood's once thriving Polish community, and the subject of several earlier posts.   Smolen, a block further north, turned into Mary's a couple of years back, but 724 has retained the White Eagle signage, even though the bar itself is long-closed.

724 has been in a state of dereliction for years, and its decline accelerated when Sandy swept through.


A C of O with a DOB file date of 1906, but a document stamped 1950, describes the business at this address as a restaurant, bar and cabaret. Here's how it looked in the 80s:

This summer, 724 was sold to 724 Fifth Avenue BK LLC for $1,659,000, with the new owners planning enlargement and conversion of the building.  Open violations include failure to maintain (hazardous structural conditions and debris), and unauthorized concrete work and steel reinforcement is indicated on a work permit.


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