Thursday, December 12, 2013

No More Ackee & Saltfish?

The Jamaican café at Fourth & 10th was shuttered up today.  It seems to have been languishing ever since it opened, and I wish it would get/could have got its message across more boldly, because the food is/was actually great. Huge helpings of goat, oxtail, jerk chicken, with rice & peas & the works, for ten bucks.  Best of all, for the same price, the elusive but delicious ackee & saltfish.  Negative factors at work here: the dreary name of the place, Slope Café, which does not/did not capture the spirit of its fantastic food, and the store space itself being rather too big.  It looked a little glum from outside, and didn't manage to draw new people in, though its customers were loyal. Its situation is good from a foot traffic aspect (right by the subway), but bad because the building it's in is on a worst landlord list.  Hmm. I wish the guys would find a smaller spot nearby, get some better promo, and give it another shot.  There's no West Indian food anywhere nearby, and this is the real deal .  Too many mixed tenses here, but I'm hoping that this was just a temporary closure, and if I'm right, go & eat there. And demand the saltfish back in the regular rotation.. 

Update (Sunday): Looking more & more like a permanent closure.

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