Monday, October 28, 2013

Real Estate Monday Bargains

Another look at the lower end of Times listings in the South Slope/Greenwood/Gowanus area.  Can you find a house for under a million dollars?  Yes, yes, yes!  There are six houses available, ranging in price from $999,000 (Prospect Avenue), to $699,000 (31st St. - "Create a SunSet Dream!").  Here's the Betancourt listing for a property on 19th St.:

"This two family clapboard cottage maintains the unique charm of the last century" (my italics). "The property is in need of restoration and modern updates, but remains habitable."

(middle house)

As the listing states, this two family is currently being used as a three family, is a "great buy" at $929,000, and is only a "short stroll" away from the cemetery.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! 930K for that pile of splinters?

onemorefoldedsunset said...

It just amazes me how even the smallest place around here, in not great shape, is almost a million. The frame houses around here pre-date the brownstones nearby, and are mostly much more modest in size and structure. Unlike the houses near the park, they were largely built for a working/lower middle class population ... tradespeople, factory workers, longshoremen & the like. There's so much history here, and the houses have a lot of character, but what irony in the money it takes to snap this stuff up today. Insanity!