Monday, October 7, 2013

Hippie Rolls Part 2

Back in May I noticed that Polito's pizza shop, on Broadway, had "Hippie Rolls" up on its storefront sign.  I wondered if they were still on the menu, but didn't have time to check this out.  Spring ended, summer came & left, and I did not return. Finally this weekend, on a grey fall afternoon, I made it back to Polito's, & with some trepidation, went inside. It was as I had suspected.  The Time of the Hippie Roll (in Astoria at least) is over!  A Spanish-speaking guy at the counter said they hadn't been made for a "long time", but he couldn't give me any sort of date.  I imagine they pre-dated his dough-slinging days there. Was the roll, under this name at least, merely the fad of a groovy decade or two, outlived by its stodgier, elderly cousins - calzone & stromboli?  I'm hoping there's a corner of the city where the hippie's defying the years.  Sightings please.

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